Scaling the Victoria Sponge recipe

When you attended my workshop, we worked with a recipe that makes the prefect sized family cake - a 2 layer, 7 inch cake. However, you may want to make larger or smaller cakes. To do this, you need to scale the recipe and with Victoria Sponge it's not just a case of doubling or tripling the mix. It's easy to do though, by following the steps below. 

1) Find the right cake size for you in the table below and make a note of the number of eggs required 

2) Multiply the number of eggs by 50. For example, for 8 eggs, 8 x 50 = 400. 

3) Add 25 to that number. For example, 400 + 25 = 425 

3) Use this number to weigh out your butter, sugar and self raising flour in grams, so you'd need 425g of each.

4) Add 2 grams of baking powder per egg. For example, for 8 eggs you would need 16g of baking powder. 

And remember to use large eggs!