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Recipe: Festive favourites

Every year I pull together my favourite Christmas recipes for you to help to make your life as easy as possible. This year, these are my favourites.

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Parmesan Shortbread

I love this recipe. It's so incredibly more-ish, and I always have a good stock of them in the house at Christmas. Perfect as a pre-dinner nibble with a G&T, or dress them up with goats cheese and onion jam as a delicious but easy to make canapé.

Spinach and Mushroom Wellington

This recipe makes a great centrepiece instead of or alongside a turkey. Perfect for vegetarians, and if you leave the cheese out and use oat milk to glaze, you can make it vegan too. Whenever I've made this, its always gone down well with the meat eaters too because its delicious. Perfect as part of your Christmas dinner, or served hot or cold on a buffet. I loved this on boxing day, served hot with mash and braised red cabbage. So good!

Cream of celery soup

Now, I know celery is not everyones thing, but this is insanely delicious. Rich, creamy, and savoury - its incredibly satisfying. My husband hates celery but he loves this soup. Serve it as a posh starter, as a canapé in shot glasses or as a warm, comforting lunch.

Roquefort Pinwheels

If you're making celery soup and want to fancy it up a bit, serve it with these. The blue cheese and flaky pastry goes beautifully with the soup, and these are so easy to make! They're also fab on a buffet, or as pre-dinner nibbles. This recipe is great because they're so easy and convenient, but totally delicious and your guests will be impressed!

Boxing day Bubble and Squeak

If you have left over veggies from Christmas day, this is just the best way to use them up. If you're a bit short, you can always boil up a few more potatoes and squidge them in too.

Bubble and squeak with poached eggs and ham (or bacon, or smoked salmon) is a real comfort food for me. It feels luxurious, but its actually really easy to make and is a great way of using up your leftovers and reducing your food waste. What's not to love?

My top tip - add a few chilli flakes too!

Ginger Prosecco cocktail

And finally, I have the easiest cocktail ever for you. It looks good and tastes even better, and it's perfect at this time of year.

It's so easy to make. Buy yourself a jar of preserved ginger in syrup (Opies do an excellent one). Add a ball of ginger to each champagne flute and then a couple of teaspoons of syrup from the jar, then top up with prosecco or your choice of sparkling wine and serve.

Quick, simple but just gorgeous. I always have a jar of preserved ginger in the cupboard just in case I fancy perking up my prosecco a bit.

Perfect for Christmas eve or New Years.

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