• Jo Watkinson

Festive Top Tips: Using up those Christmas leftovers

I have a Festive Top Tip for you. Happy Boxing Day. Did you have a lovely day yesterday? I hope you did. So today you might have a house full of food that is leftovers from yesterday, so I thought I would share my top tips on how to use your leftovers.

Now, things like leftover veggies from Christmas dinner, obviously you can compost them if you choose to. Personally, I prefer to squish them all together and turn them into little bubble and squeak potato cakes, fry them off, serve them with some bacon, some poached eggs, and they make the best Boxing Day morning breakfast, and it uses up all of your veggie leftovers. If you've got a lot of turkey leftover, I'm not a big lover of the whole turkey curry thing. I think it's a bit overdone. If you're going to go down the turkey curry route, go for something like a Thai green, because it's got all the things in it that will get your digestion going. But my preferred thing, I have a leek and some mushrooms and a bit of puff pastry in the fridge, and I make a turkey, leek and mushroom pie, and it's the most comforting thing. Our family likes to go for a walk on Boxing Day so get yourself moving, get yourself out of the house, get yourself some fresh air, and then come back and have some lovely, warm, toasty pie that's been in the oven. It's just delicious.

But my best top tip for you, and this is really my Festive Top Tip, if you have leftover Christmas pudding, slice it into cake sized slices - decent portions, but good, clean slices. Fry them off in some butter, and serve them with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee in the afternoon like it's cake. It tastes just like Christmas cake, but because it's warm, because it's been fried up in a little bit of butter, because it's got some crispy edges on it, it's just delicious. I kind of prefer Christmas pudding that way than fresh the day before. So if you have leftover Christmas pudding, my top tip is fry it off with a little bit of butter and serve it with a cup of tea. You're going to love it.

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