• Jo Watkinson

Festive Top Tip: The perfect New years Eve food

I have one last festive top tip for you. I hope my festive top tips have been helpful for getting you through the Christmas period. I have one last one for you to help you prepare for New Year's Eve.

I don't know about you, but I'm usually a little bit tired by now, so when I'm cooking for people, when I'm throwing a party or catering, I want it to be easy and convenient and no faff. My go to New Year's Eve meal to feed people is a big old lasagne, with a lot of garlic bread and a big salad. It's great because I can prep it well in advance, a day before if needs be. You can prep it ahead of time. It's got loads of carbs in it so it's going to soak up all that booze because everybody's drinking more than they should on New Year's Eve, and it's simple. You can just bang it in the oven and set a timer on your phone and know that it will be done and it will be perfect, and everybody loves it. If you feel like it's too simple and you want to make it a bit fancier, then you can always dress it up a bit with some nice canapés to serve beforehand. So things like mini mozzarella balls, little cherry plum tomato and a basil leaf on a cocktail steak, drizzle with some balsamic. Beautiful. Really easy to do. Makes it a bit fancier. Something like melon wrapped in Parma ham, maybe with a little bit of blue cheese in there. Again, super simple, super easy to do, quick, tastes good, goes really well before a lasagna. People will think you've made an effort. You can fancy these things up, but my top tip would be if you're catering for a New Year's Eve party, go heavy on the carbs and make it as easy as possible for yourself. So something big that you can just bang in an oven and then serve to lots of people would be my top tip. Have a fabulous New Year.

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