• Jo Watkinson

Festive Top tip: The best roast potatoes

I have another Festive Top Tip for you. So in the next few days, I reckon quite a few of you are going to be trying to make the perfect roast potatoes because Christmas dinner needs perfect roast potatoes. We don't need the pressure, but Christmas needs perfect roast potatoes!

So I have a top tip for you. For the best roast potatoes that you will ever eat, ditch the goose fat and find yourself some refined coconut oil. It needs to be refined so that you don't get that coconut flavor because nothing ruins roast potatoes like an underlying flavor of coconut. So skip the virgin stuff. Virgin coconut oil is not your friend for roast potatoes.Buy the refined stuff.

You will get the crispiest potatoes you have ever had in your life. Coconut oil has a really high heating point, so you will get beautiful crispy potatoes. They're healthier than the goose fat versions and they're better potatoes. They just go so crispy, it's incredible. So if you do nothing else this Christmas, use some refined coconut oil to make your roast potatoes. That's my Festive Top Tip for you.

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