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The Christmas recipe round up

Every year I pull together my favourite Christmas recipes for you to make your life as easy as possible. This year, these are my favourites.

Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing

I love this recipe because it makes a fool proof, delicious moist stuffing that goes brilliantly with turkey, and you can make it ahead and freeze it to make your life even easier.

I make a double batch because it gets hoovered up, but it also goes brilliantly with chicken and pork too so left overs will definitely get eaten up quickly.

Smoked Mackerel pate

This recipe makes the list for it's versatility. You can make it ahead and keep it in the fridge until you need it. It makes a great starter for Christmas dinner.

It also makes great grazing food on Christmas eve and boxing day, and if you pop it on some cute toast triangles and dress it up with a little watercress leaf it makes fantastic, easy canapés.

This is also the easiest thing in the world to make so long as you have a food processor so it gets bonus points for being quick and easy while still being delicious, decadent and elegant.

Braised lamb shanks with colcannon mash

This is perfect Christmas eve food. You can put the lamb shanks on to cook and then just ignore them until you're ready to eat. It's ideal when you have a bit of a crazy day and loads to do.

It's also brilliant comfort food but makes a difference from the traditional Christmas food.

Clementine Cheesecake

If you're looking for an alternative to Christmas Pudding, or for a festive dessert that has a hint of Christmas while still being refreshing, this is it. It's also something that you can make ahead to make your life easier if you're entertaining... and I'm a big fan of that!

Turkey with a hint of Thai

I hate food waste and I love using up leftovers. After all the rich food on Christmas day, I love a bit of spice and the fish favours of thai food to kick start my digestion!

You can also make this in bulk and freeze it so if you have loads of turkey left over, that's not a problem. And its something that you'll love taking out of the freezer and eating in January when the weather sucks and you feel a bit rotten.

Champagne Mules

I love a good champagne cocktail at any time of year, but this one is particularly good round Christmas and especially on New Year's eve.

The lime and ginger kick in a moscow mule will definitely keep you awake and partying until the small hours, and the champagne will add that special New year's sparkle.

I also love this because it's easy to make and you can even turn this into a punch if you're catering for a group.

Just make sure you have plenty of limes to hand - this one needs to be super limey!

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