• Jo Watkinson

The Ultimate Christmas Cake

As a child, I never liked Christmas cake. I always found it too sickly, too rich. Quite often, it was dry and gritty. And I just hated it. You can imagine the scene... you're at some kind of Christmas fair and you've been given a slice of cake that you have to eat out of politeness and it's just such hard work.

My Mum always made a pretty good Christmas cake, but it was still a bit too rich for my tastes so, many years ago, I took my Mum's recipe and tweaked it a bit to suit my tastes.

I've stuck with my Mum's basic recipe, including the fact that there are no almonds in it but I've changed a few things. I really dislike candied peel, so its gone. It's replaced with more fresh orange and lemon zest and finely chopped preserved ginger.

I also really dislike brandy-soaked Christmas cake, so this one is made with spiced rum and ginger beer. It gives a lighter flavour that is full of the flavours of spice, fruit and all things christmassy but without that overwhelming sickliness that you can get with brandy.

I love this Christmas cake and I can ice it for you, if you like, but personally I like it best when it's served uniced alongside a really good cheeseboard. A piece of Christmas cake with some runny brie, or strong cheddar, or stinky blue stilton is just the best thing.

This year they're available as standard, gluten free and vegan.

£11 for a small. £22 for a medium.

Email jo@thedandelionbakery.com to order!

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