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Styled Shoots: Tropical Florals

Several years ago, I met the incredible Charlotte from Charlotte Jade. I sat with her portfolio, leafing through design after design that I just adored. I was blown away and I knew I had to design some cakes using her incredible prints.

Their work is incredible, and all designs start from incredibly detailed and intricate hand drawings produced by Charlotte. Their designs are usually available as wallpaper, textiles, upholstery fabrics, ceramic tiles and flooring, but they also work brilliantly on a cake!

Charlotte was kind enough to share some of her prints with me.

This cake is a two tier cake with the print playing a starring role on the bottom tier, and then replicated as a cut out on the top tier of the cake, sitting against a gold lustre top tier.

I love working with these prints because you get so much impact and it takes just a few moments to put this on a cake. Even the cut out is so much quicker than hand painting, even though its a little bit faffy. If I were hand painting this it would take hours and hours, and it would look nowhere near as good because Charlotte is an absolute artist!

This cake forms a set of 5 and you can see the others over the next few weeks.

You can see more of the Charlotte Jade prints on their website.

Many thanks to Claire of Red Poppy Photography.

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