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You're getting married? Here's what to expect from The Dandelion Bakery

At The Dandelion Bakery we pride ourselves on our excellent service, but everyone says that - no-one is ever going to tell you that they pride themselves on their terrible service! So what does it really mean? I decided that the only sensible way to demonstrate our level of service is to take you through what you can expect and just some of the things I've done for our couples in the past to give you a glimpse of the kind of service you could expect.

Well, firstly, there are the basics:

I offer a complimentary tasting and consultation for all of my couples. This allows you to try the cake, tell me all about your wedding and meet me to make sure that we're on the same wave-length.

I deliver your cake to your venue and set it up on site to make sure it's perfect.

I can make pretty much any kind of wedding cake design that you might like ranging from the clean and simple to the complex and detailed. Whatever you can think of, I can do. I can ruffle in both fondant and buttercream, I can make stylised or realistic roses, I can cover cakes in gold leaf and I can hand paint directly onto the cake. Whatever you love, I can make it.

I provide an invoice for your deposit along with a detailed order form so that you know exactly what you are buying then, 6 weeks before the wedding, I send you an invoice for the balance of your cake. Everything is always clear and you always have documentation to refer back to. Let's face it, organising a wedding takes work and you can't remember everything, so I make sure you don't have to - you just have to find the email.

I've helped couples who have no idea what they want to formulate ideas of what their cake could be like.

I advise you on the size of the cakes, number of tiers and the number of portions you will need to serve your guests.

But those are the things that I think that every good cake maker should be doing. Then there are the things that set us apart, where we go above and beyond...

I have a really long list of cake flavours for you to choose from, but if there is something specific that you both love, I can use that as inspiration to create a cake flavour just for you. I've created cake flavours that were inspired by Thailand, the couple's favourite drinks and, on one occasion, the groom's favourite biscuit.

I can suggest suppliers to fill any gaps you may have. They are all tried and tested. I've worked with them, I know they are good and will suit you and your wedding down to the ground, otherwise I don't recommend them. In some cases, they are the suppliers I chose for my own wedding. This saves you the stress of googling suppliers and having to guess which ones are right for you and leaves you with more time to deal with other things.

I can liaise with your suppliers on your behalf to tie down the finer details so that you don't have to worry about them. I can work with your florist to make sure we are using the same ribbon or brief them on flowers needed for the cake. I arrange the fresh flowers on the cake myself so that your florist only has to supply them. I work with your venue to confirm set up times so that I can be invisible to you and your guests. I can speak to your dress designer to source fabric samples so if you want your cake to have the same beading as your dress, I can do that.

I can cater to almost any dietary requirement that your guests may have, whether that is the whole cake, a single tier of the cake or an individual cupcake for specific guests, I can help you to make sure that all of your guests can enjoy your cake.

I can sort out your cake stand for you. That may mean talking to your venue to ensure that they have something suitable that will fit with your colour scheme or it may mean supplying a cake stand for you. If you use one of my cake stands, I can even go back to the venue afterwards to collect it so that you don't need to think about it.

I send my couples a monthly newsletter packed full of helpful wedding planning content that you can trust from my favourite wedding planning experts. It's not about selling cake - its all about making your life as easy as possible.

I have an app on my phone that works as a spirit level. Before I set up a cake, I use this app on the table the cake will be resting on to make sure the table is level. I also use it on any cake stands that are being used to make sure they are flat, and just in case there is a wobble, I always travel with a supply of tissue paper, cardboard and plastic dowel that can be used to discreetly support and even out any lumps and bumps.

I can colour match your cake or details of the cake design to suit your colour scheme. If you can provide me with a sample, like a piece of ribbon or a copy of your invitation, then I can colour match to that. I've even matched elements of cakes to photos of bridesmaid dresses before! But this doesn't just apply to colour. If you are having a lace dress, I can make edible lace that is a pretty close match to that on your dress.

I have a collection of Pinterest boards for my couples to look at and use for ideas or inspiration.

I have a series of helpful guides and information sheets that I share with my couples for free. You can even see some of them in video form on YouTube.

I can carefully construct and finish decorating your cake in less than an hour while your ceremony space is being turned around into your dinner space.

I can provide a framed menu to put on the cake table next to your cake or cupcake tower. I can give you menu cards to sit on each table, if you prefer. Either way, I can match the paper, font, colours and frames to the theme of your wedding.

I can supply boxes for cake slices or cupcakes for your guests to take away, and I leave cake boxes at your venue so that you can easily transport any left over cake that you may have.

If you come to me with a design idea that you love but then it turns out you can't afford it, I can suggest tweaks and adjustments to the design so that you get the same overall effect within your price range.

If you need a few extra portions, I can provide an extra cutting cake that hides, out of sight, with your caterers but gives you those extra portions that you need to feed all of your guests. Some of my couples also love having an extra cake made for them to take home and enjoy after the wedding, especially as so few couples actually get to eat their own cake!

I listen to my couples. I listen to what they love and hate about cake, but I also listen to their worries and challenges. I hear all about the difficult bridesmaids, the problematic guests and the suppliers that let them down. I listen, I let them talk it all out, I sympathise, and every now and then I even have a solution!

I am able to supply wedding favours for all of your guests, each individually iced with their name. They can be packaged and supplied to your venue in a box per table, pre-sorted to match your table plan so that all your venue has to do is walk around and place them. If I'm there when the tables are set, I can place them for you.

I have held babies and comforted them so that they stopped crying so that their parents could relax and enjoy their cake tasting. Babies love me. I think it's because I smell of cake.

So, basically, whatever you need. I planned my own wedding recently and I know how tough it can be and how many loose ends there are to tie up. I pride myself on taking care of as many of those as I can on your behalf and making life as easy as possible for you so that you can enjoy the planning process and revel in being engaged and in love!

If this is the kind of service that you'd love to receive from your wedding supplier, why not book a consultation call for a chat about your cake?

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