• Jo Watkinson

The importance of word of mouth recommendations

This year I've been very lucky that three of my couples came to me because they had eaten my cake at their friend's wedding. For me, this is easy because they've seen the cake, they've tried the cake and, most importantly, they've chatted to their friend about me so they know exactly what I do and how I work.

If you are planning your own wedding, asking your recently married friends for recommendations can be the best way to find a supplier. It doesn't mean that you have to have the same type of wedding as your friend, but if your friend has received bad service I can guarantee you'll hear about it!

They've been through the process themselves. They know the stresses and the strains of planning a wedding and they can help to steer you towards suppliers who will make your life easier rather than harder.

If you don't know people who have married, or if they have such radically different ideas to you that you don't want to ask them, make sure that you look for testimonials. A good wedding supplier should have them on their website (mine are here!). You can check for a couple of things to help with your decision making.

1) Have they included the name of the client? That way you know that they are all genuine, individual testimonials rather than one that's been cut up to look like many.

2) Are they dated? This can help you to work out how recent they are and whether they reflect past or current work of that particular supplier.

3) Do they link to any blog posts or include any photos so that you can see the work being talked about?

And just in case you don't have time to read, this is a word cloud made from all of my testimonials.

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