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Who we love: Sunshine health and fitness

At The Dandelion Bakery I am lucky enough to get to meet a lot of wonderful wedding suppliers. When I’ve used or worked with those suppliers a number of times and seen what they can do, they sometimes become people we love.

This month I wanted to tell you about the amazing Alison Smith of Sunshine Health & Fitness. I make cake for a living, which means that I also eat a fair amount of cake so I’ve been using Alison’s services for a while now! I’ve been through Alison’s beginners running group, the improvers running group, leg strengthening classes, Nordic walking and I’ve had PT sessions where the whole session was tailored to suit my goals and my preferred exercises. In 2016 Alison got me through my first Triathlon and I'm continuing to train with her triathlon group.

Alison Smith of Sunshine Health and Fitness

Alison is great because she helps you to feel better: you feel fitter, stronger, more energised and generally a better version of you. But why, you may be asking, is she listed as a wedding supplier? As well as helping to keep me in shape generally, Alison also helped me to lose some extra weight from my hips and stomach so that I could slide into my wedding dress with ease. It doesn’t end there though. Alison’s regular running groups also helped to keep me sane in the run up to the wedding and strengthened and improved my posture (a must for anyone with a corset!), meaning that I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day and was far better equipped to handle stressful situations.

The thing is though, it hasn’t stopped there for me. I’m continuing to see Alison to ensure my ongoing health, stamina and fitness. Alison is a firm believer in establishing sensible goals and, in most cases, they will need to be medium to long term so if you are 12 weeks from the wedding and looking for a good tone up Alison can definitely help, however, if you’ve just got engaged and are looking to get married in a year or so, you’d be amazed what she can help you to achieve. Her top tip? Give yourself time and be realistic about what you can achieve in that time frame, but if you find a sport or exercise that you love it’ll be much easier.

So why do we love Alison so much anyway? She is a fabulous human being. She is strong, dynamic and inspiring to be around. She is fit, athletic and takes care of her nutrition, but she also likes cake occasionally. She has the perfect personality for her job too. She is upbeat, positive and smiley but gentle and supportive when you need it (I once arrived at a session, she asked how I was and I burst into tears. She handled it brilliantly.) but don’t be fooled into thinking that she will mollycoddle you or let you off easily. She won’t - without you even realising, she will make you work hard until you are out of breath, and you’ll be so proud of yourself at the end that you’ll want to do it all again next time, and more besides. And the best thing about Alison is that she’ll be proud of you too.

You can find out more about Alison by visiting her website.

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