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What to expect from your cake tasting with The Dandelion Bakery

Brides to be, this is a little guide to help you get the most from your consultation and complimentary tasting session. As with all other aspects of planning your wedding, it should be enjoyable – it shouldn't be stressful!

First things first, what is a consultation and tasting session? Well, we eat some cake and we talk about you! Specifically, we talk about your wedding, your ideas and the kind of things that you like. By the end of the session, we should have a good idea of the flavours and style of cake that you like so that I can put together a full quote for you.

I've outlined below my top tips to help you get the most from your consultation.

If you prefer a nice film and a cup of tea, you can also see our top tips over on our youtube channel.

1. Size matters

A major factor in the design of your cake is the size and shape. Usually, this is based on the number of guests that you are inviting to share your big day. We don't need exact numbers, but a rough idea of the size of your guest list is needed at this stage.

2. Make yourself comfortable

I like to come to you for the consultation because we find our couples are more relaxed in familiar surroundings. The more relaxed you are, the more honest you'll be and if you just nod politely to everything I say while secretly hating it, you won't be happy on the big day!

All we need for the tasting is a table or work surface so that I can put out the different cakes and frostings for you to try. You don't need to provide any crockery or cutlery - that's all taken care of. You may like to have a glass of water on hand though to sip between flavours.

3. Be prepared

The more that you can tell me about your wedding, the better! And having images or colour swatches to show me helps enormously – the image you have in your head of ivory may be very different to my idea of ivory.

Gather some information together and have it ready for us to look through, whether that be on a laptop or a scrap book. If you have a colour scheme in mind, or you've chosen your invitations, flowers or bridesmaids dresses it's all helpful stuff to look at.

If you are struggling, I have a number of pinterest boards that you can look at, but in particular our wedding cake ideas board. This covers a range of different ideas, shapes and sizes and it may help you to get a start on what you like.

4. Did someone mention cake?

Yes, your cake tasting is complimentary and I'll ask you to pick cake flavours from our list (or request your own). I will then choose the appropriate fillings and frostings that goes best with those flavours. You then get to play pick and mix so you can try each cake flavour with each different kind of frosting until you find the combination that works for you.

By playing pick and mix in this way you can truly personalise your cake to suit you. No two cakes are ever the same! I will guide you through the process, making recommendations and suggestions that I think you'll like and keeping my eyes peeled for those tell tale signs that you've found the cake combo that you love so all you have to worry about is easting some delicious cakes.

You will be eating a reasonable amount of cake, so don't have a heavy meal beforehand!

5. Not your cup of tea?

As much as I need to know what you love, I also need to know what you dislike too so that we can make sure that we don't include it. This is true for both the cake design and also the flavours. Don't be afraid to be honest about what you love and hate – I'm very difficult to offend!

6. Second opinions

Is it important to you to have a second opinion? We see most couples together, but if you are worried or would like wider input you could also invite your bridesmaid, friend, mum, dad, brother or sister along. I see this a lot of a close family member has a dietary requirement.

We provide a complimentary tasting for you and one other person. If you would like to add extras people to the tasting we charge £10 per person and you'll need to let me know how many people there will be at least 7 days before the tasting. If I arrive on the day and find there are a lot of extra people, I can't guarantee there will be enough cake for you all to try, but if you're feeling out of your depth or if this just isn't your thing, having other people there can be really helpful.

One word of caution: we want you to have fun and enjoy the process, however, we allow up to 90 minutes for a consultation and tasting. If your Mum, bridesmaids and friends are busy having a cake party, you may lose a lot of time and not actually have chance to talk about the cake design, so while second opinions are important, think carefully before inviting the whole bridal party!

If you have any questions before your consultation and tasting please get in touch. Alternatively you may like to book a tasting.

You can also take this guide away with you with our handy Getting the most from your consultation guide.

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