• Jo Watkinson

A Christmas Geode cake

One of my customers works in the tile industry and they wanted something to send to one of their clients as a Christmas gift. The client was a group of men who work in a particularly fashionable part of the industry. I was asked to make a cake that was modern, masculine and very on trend.

Turquoise Geode cake

It was clearly a time for a geode cake with marble effect icing. Geode cakes are very fashionable at the moment but they're also sufficiently edgy that they don't feel feminine.

The cake is covered in marble-effect fondant, then a section of the cake is removed and the gap is filled with buttercream and rock candy to make the cake look like it's a rock that's been split open to reveal a geode. The seam is edged in silver leaf.

This is my favourite style of cake at the moment - I love making it, and I love the effect it creates. It's particularly incredible on a wedding cake.

Who do you know that would love a geode cake?

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