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Bridal File: How to cater for guests with dietary requirements

Dietary requirements are becoming increasingly common but it can be tricky to know how best to manage this for your wedding. And the thing is, you're already having to take care of a thousand other things, so do you really want to have to add one more onto the list? But for those guests that are affected, a small amount of time and consideration on your part can make them feel welcome and taken care of.

It may sound like a big thing but it doesn't have to be difficult. Try these steps to make it as easy as possible for you.

1) When you choose your venue/caterer, have a quick chat about whether they can cater to dietary requirements by providing a separate, special meal outside of your menu or whether you have to factor it into your menu. It's also worth asking how much notice they'll need for a special meal.

2) When you're ordering or making your invites, include space in the RSVP for your guests to specify any dietary requirements that they may have. Also make sure that your RSVP date gives you enough time to update your caterer and cake maker, if needs be.

3) Try to accommodate your wedding party. With the rest of your guests, you may not find out that they have a dietary requirement until the RSVP comes back, but with your immediate family and wedding party you'll probably already know about any allergies that they have and it's much easier to cater for these things from the outset.

4) Make sure they can eat the cake by using a baker that can cater to dietary requirements. I am often asked to make one tier of the cake wheat or dairy free, or to provide separate cupcakes or cake slices for specific guests. The sooner you can let me know what you need, the easier it is to meet your guests needs.

5) If you're not sure, you can always provide labels and allergen menus to sit alongside a buffet or for the staff to have to hand in case your guests have questions. Your caterer should be able to provide a list of allergens for each dish, and I'm always happy to provide one with your cake.

So, by following these simple steps you can keep your guests happy and well catered for without making it too hard on yourself.

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