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DIY wedding cake: Warm and cosy gingerbread

Our Decorate-it-yourself wedding cake is perfect for those couples who want a truly unique cake but are on a bit of a budget. You get amazing quality cake in your choice of flavours and you can decorate it exactly as you choose, but because decorating time is a large part of the cost of most wedding cakes, you can save a lot of money!

This month I wanted to show you how to make a warm and cosy cake perfect for a winter wedding. I’ve chosen to keep the ivory satin ribbon that comes with the cake as standard, then decorated the cake with heart shaped gingerbread biscuits, some iced and some plain. The cake is then topped with bride and groom gingerbread biscuits. This is a great way to match to the time of year without it feeling too Christmas-y. This is a bit more unusual and I think it looks fun and quirky, but still luxurious.

If you'd like more ideas, we have a Pinterest board to go with this theme.

So, how can you create this cake yourself?

I used:

40 small heart shaped gingerbread biscuits. Ours are 3cm tall.

A bride biscuit (preferably baked with cocktail sticks inserted)

A groom biscuit (preferably baked with cocktail sticks inserted)

Royal icing. If you don’t know how to make royal icing, you can use a pack of pre-mixed writing icing that most supermarkets sell.

You can use pre-bought gingerbread, make your own, or ask a loved one to make them for you. If you are baking your own, you'll need to make sure that they are baked 3-4 days before the wedding so that they have plenty of time to cool and for the icing to set.

To assemble the cake, stack the tiers on top of each other, making sure that the cakes are central. We provide boards so that you can slide the tiers on top of each other more easily and food-safe gloves to minimise any marks that you may leave on the cake. The cake is fresh, so it’s delicate and you may leave marks, dints or snags on the icing as you assemble it, but don’t panic – just use the sides of the base cake drum to rotate the whole cake until you find the best side.

To place the biscuits on the cake, start with the top tier. Measure where you'd like to put your gingerbread bride and groom, and use a cocktail stick to make holes in the top of the cake. This is easier than using the cocktail sticks that are in the gingerbread biscuits. Place a small ball of royal icing into each hole, than add the bride and groom cake toppers.

You can then use a pea-sized blob of royal icing on the back of each heart shaped biscuit to stick them to the side of your cake.

And you’re done! So, if you use pre-baked biscuits, it takes around 30 mins to set the cake up yourself. Easy! And if you want to see how it's done you can watch our film.

So what else do you need to know about the DIY wedding cake? At The Dandelion Bakery, we use the finest quality ingredients and we do not mass produce, so your wedding cake will be made just for you, with the same care and attention that we give to all of our cakes. We bake as near to your wedding day as possible to ensure freshness and quality. We provide the largest cake on a fully iced cake drum edged with white satin ribbon and the smaller cakes on cake boards that become invisible when the cake is stacked. We also cut and insert the support dowels for you, so the cake is ready to go. So, how come this is cheaper than our bespoke cakes? You collect the cake the day before your wedding, which saves the cost of delivery and set up to your venue. The majority of any cake cost is decorating time, so by doing this yourself you save a lot of money, and finally, the time it takes to design a cake is usually included in the price, but that’s not needed for this cake so you don’t have to pay it. Hurrah!

You can order your own Decorate-it-yourself wedding cake from The Dandelion Bakery to make your wedding day exactly how you want it.

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