Decorate It Yourself Wedding cake 

So what do you need to know about the DIY wedding cake? At The Dandelion Bakery, we use the finest quality ingredients and we do not mass produce, so your wedding cake will be made just for you, with the same care and attention that we give to all of our cakes. We bake as near to your wedding day as possible to ensure freshness and quality.

Just like with our bespoke cakes, you can choose up to three different flavours for your cake, one for each tier. We don't include a cake tasting in the price of the cake, because it's a great way to bring the price down for you, but at an additional charge we can post up to six sample flavours (£30) to you or give you a full tasting (£65). 


We provide the largest cake on a fully iced cake drum edged with white satin ribbon. The smaller cakes are also finished with white satin ribbon and are on cake boards that become invisible when the cake is stacked. We also cut and insert the support dowels for you, so the cake is ready to go. The cakes are all boxed separately so they are easy to transport, and the two smaller tiers also have a separate, larger cake board underneath them to make them easy to slide on top of each other. 

Your kit also includes a pair of food safe gloves for you to wear while you are assembling the cake to help you keep your cake pristine.  

So, how come this is cheaper than our bespoke cakes? You collect the cake the day before your wedding, which saves the cost of delivery and set up to your venue. The majority of any cake cost is decorating time, so by doing this yourself you save a lot of money, and finally, the time it takes to design a cake is usually included in the price, but that’s not needed for this cake so you don’t have to pay it. Hurrah!