Equipment Recommendations 

Having the right equipment can make life so much easier. It makes everything quicker and helps you to maintain the quality of your cakes. To perfect your sugar free baking at home you'll need at least some of the kit listed below and, to help you out, I've included links to some of my favourite, most used, most reliable items. 

Please be aware that if you click these links and then make a purchase, I will get a small referral fee from Amazon, however, I'm only recommending products that I truly love and use day in, day out in my own kitchen. In some cases, it doesn't really matter what you use or I don't have a favourite and in those cases, I've not added a referral link. 


A great set of scales will make the world of difference to your baking. I would always go for digital scales for genuine precision and ease of use.


I like these scales.


For the perfect Victoria sponge I use loose bottomed 7 inch/18cm cake tins. For me, these are about the right size for a family cake. We also used a 2lb loaf tin for the spiced apple cake, and a good quality baking sheet for the cookies. 



A great quality spatula makes baking so much easier. You’ll find yourself using it for all of your baking recipes and many other things too. 


This is my favourite spatula



A great hand mixer will take you a long way. You can buy a stand mixer, but a good one costs upwards of £300 whereas you can buy a great hand mixer for a fraction of that. 


If you don’t bake very often, you can pick up a cheap one from the supermarket for less than £15, but they have a life span and it's often not very long. You can find my favourite below. It's not the cheapest, but I’ve had mine for 3 years now and it works HARD so you can expect a long life span on this one. It's also far more comfortable to use than the cheaper ones. 

This is my favourite hand mixer


As you may remember from your workshop, I prefer a metal bowl for cake mixes and plastic bowls for buttercream. In my kitchen, this is to make it easier to keep raw separate from ready-to-eat. You can choose whichever you prefer, but choose something fairly large. You're ingredients need some space! 



This is the best tool for putting cream on a cake. Nothing else quite gives you the shape and finish of a palette knife, or the precision to get the icing tight into the base of the cake. 

This is my favourite palette knife