Raspberry, white chocolate and pistachio cake table

Last weekend my friend Abi had her Hen do in beautiful Bath. As part of our trip we visited The Makery, which was a lot of fun and perfect for a hen do. The way it works is that we all sit around a big table and make something, with the help of their fantastic staff. You also get to drink lots of tea and prosecco, and they very kindly allowed us to bring along some cakes…

The venue…
This was the set up before we all got stuck in with our sewing.

The cake table had a pistachio, raspberry and white chocolate theme.

White chocolate, raspberry and pistachio blondes were by far the most popular item on the table!
Posh jammy dodgers made with white chocolate shortbread and raspberry jam
Raspberry and vanilla marshmallows. If you’ve never had fresh, home made marshmallows you must try them. They are so light and fluffy – nothing like the ones you get in the shops, they are so much better! They are also amazing with prosecco. Just saying…
Meringues in two flavours; pistachio made with pistachio extract and finely chopped pistachio pieces, and raspberry made with raspberry puree and freeze dried raspberry powder for a sharp, clear raspberry flavour.
Raspberry, white chocolate and pistachio cookies. These are made with butter so they taste amazing, and have a chewy centre with great texture from the chocolate chips and pistachio pieces. These were great with a cup of tea.
Finally, my favourite. A pistachio twist on the classic madelaine. So more-ish!

And just in case you were wondering, we decorated knickers. Mine came out like this…

If you would like us to cater your event or afternoon tea please get in touch. I’m afraid we don’t provide the knickers.

Getting the most from your consultation with The Dandelion Bakery

How to get the most from your wedding cake consultation cover
Brides to be, this is a little guide to help you get the most from your consultation and complimentary tasting session. As with all other aspects of planning your wedding, it should be enjoyable – it shouldn’t be stressful!

First things first, what is a consultation and tasting session? Well, we eat some cake and we talk about you! Specifically, we talk about your wedding, your ideas and the kind of things that you like. By the end of the session, we should have a good idea of the flavours and style of cake that you like so that I can put together a full quote for you.
I’ve outlined below my top tips to help you get the most from your consultation.

If you prefer a nice film and a cup of tea, you can also see our top tips over on our youtube channel.

1. Size matters

A major factor in the design of your cake is the size and shape. Usually, this is based on the number of guests that you are inviting to share your big day. We don’t need exact numbers, but a rough idea of the size of your guest list is needed at this stage.

2. Make yourself comfortable

We like to come to you for the consultation because we find our brides are more relaxed in familiar surroundings. The more relaxed you are, the more honest you’ll be and if you just nod politely to everything I say while secretly hating it, you won’t be a happy bride on the day!

All we need for the tasting is a table or work surface so that we can put out the different cakes and frostings for you to try. You don’t need to provide any crockery or cutlery – that’s all taken care of. You may like to have a glass of water on hand though to sip between flavours.

3. Be prepared

The more that you can tell me about your wedding, the better! And having images or colour swatches to show me helps enormously – the image you have in your head of ivory may be very different to my idea of ivory.
Gather some information together and have it ready for us to look through, whether that be on a laptop or a scrap book. If you have a colour scheme in mind, or you’ve chosen your invitations, flowers or bridesmaids dresses it’s all helpful stuff to look at.

If you are struggling, I have a number of pinterest boards that you can look at, but in particular our
wedding cake ideas board.
This covers a range of different ideas, shapes and sizes and it may help you to get a start on what
you like.

4. Did someone mention cake?

Yes, your cake tasting is complimentary and we’ll ask you to pick cake flavours from our list (or request your own). We will then choose the appropriate fillings and frostings that goes best with those flavours. You then get to play pick and mix so you can try each cake flavour with each different kind of frosting until you find the combination that works for you.

5. Not your cup of tea?

As much as I need to know what you love, I also need to know what you dislike too so that we can make sure that we don’t include it. This is true for both the cake design and also the flavours. Don’t be afraid to be honest about what you love and hate – I’m very difficult to offend!

6. Second opinions

Is it important to you to have a second opinion? We see most couples together, but if you are worried you could also invite your bridesmaid, friend, mum, dad, brother or sister along. We provide a complimentary tasting for you and one other person. If you would like to add extras, we charge £7 per person and you’ll need to let us know how many people there will be at least 7 days before the tasting. If you’re feeling out of your depth or if this just isn’t your thing, having other people there can be really helpful.

One word of caution: we want you to have fun and enjoy the process, however, we allow up to 90 minutes for a consultation and tasting. If your Mum, bridesmaids and friends are busy having a cake party, you may lose a lot of time and not actually have chance to talk about the cake design, so while second opinions are important, think carefully before inviting the whole bridal party!

If you have any questions before your consultation and tasting, or to book one, please get in touch.

You can also take this guide away with you with our handyGetting the most from your consultation guide.

Our cake flavours

At The Dandelion Bakery we make a whole range of cake and frosting flavours. We are big believers in flavour so if we say that a cake tastes of something, you can be sure it will! This is our current list of cake flavours and some of our suggestions of matching fillings and frostings although we love to hear your requests!

Flavour Goes well with…
Dark and Stormy fruit cake Marzipan, almond buttercream
Chocolate Chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache, salted caramel buttercream
Mocha chocolate ganache, mocha ganache, coffee buttercream
Coffee chocolate ganache, coffee mascapone frosting
Vanilla Vanilla frosting, caramel frosting
Raspberry and white chocolate white chocolate ganache, rosewater buttercream, raspberry buttercream
Blueberry cream cheese frosting, blueberry swirl frosting, white chocolate ganache
Strawberry whipped cream, vanilla frosting, pistachio buttercream
Toffee caramel frosting, chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream
toffee apple caramel frosting, vanilla buttercream
Carrot cake cream cheese frosting, ginger buttercream, orange buttercream
Lemon lemon buttercream, lemon and lavender buttercream, mascapone frosting
Prosecco prosecco buttercream, chocolate ganache
Lager and lime Lime buttercream
Lemon and lavender lemon buttercream, lemon and lavender buttercream,
Chocolate and pistachio pistachio buttercream, chocolate ganache
Vanilla and lavender vanilla buttercream, lavender buttercream, blueberry buttercream
White chocolate white chocolate ganache, raspberry buttercream, vanilla buttercream
chocolate orange chocolate ganache, orange buttercream, chocolate orange ganache
Orange and cranberry Orange buttercream, vanilla buttercream
Spiced honey vanilla buttercream, honey buttercream, ginger buttercream
chestnut chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting
Ginger cake ginger buttercream, vanilla buttercream, lemon buttercream, lime buttercream
Almond almond buttercream, chocolate ganache, raspberry buttercream
Pistachio chocolate ganache, pistachio buttercream
Raspberry and rosewater white chocolate ganache, rosewater buttercream, raspberry buttercream
Classic victoria sponge vanilla buttercream, strawberry jam
Raspberry white chocolate ganache, rosewater buttercream, raspberry buttercream
Oreo chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream, oreo buttercream
Red Velvet cream cheese frosting, white chocolate ganache
Chocolate Guinness cake chocolate ganache, champagne frosting, vanilla frosting
Banoffee caramel frosting, chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream
Lemongrass and lime Lemon buttercream, lime buttercream, ginger buttercream

Alice in Wonderland birthday cake

At The Dandelion Bakery we love the quirky details that go into making an Alice in Wonderland themed cake. You may remember our three tier version and now we also have a two tier version.

This cake was made for a birthday girl who was being taken to Alice’s adventures underground, which is a really cool, immersive underground experience so the cake had to be utterly Alice!






Would you like your own Alice themed cake? Or would you like us to create something based on your favourite book or film? Just get in touch…

Red rose wedding cake

On Saturday I had the pleasure of creating a wedding cake for Debbie and Tony. Debbie is a gardener at Just Potting About so flowers were always going to be important! She chose a cascade of red roses, which we set against a backdrop of white foliage and blossoms to create a more modern, textured feel.

Debbie and Tony chose classic flavours for their cake, with our fruit cake base, a lemon cake and a victoria sponge. We provide a free tasting for all of our couples and after their tasting I received this lovely message from Debbie: “The fruit cake was the best I have ever tasted! I thought I made a good fruit cake but yours was much better than mine!! Given how fussy I am that is very high praise indeed!! I want to put in my order for one of your Christmas cakes now!” We are seeing more and more couples choosing fruit cake – it seems to be enjoying a resurgence of popularity and it’s so nice to hear how good ours tastes!

Their wedding reception was held in the beautiful music room at Grim’s Dyke Manor Hotel and I can’t resist using the stunning fire place and panelling as a back drop.





Debbie and Tony, you can look at a field of Dandelions and see 1000 weeds or a 1000 wishes. Through your married life, may you only see the wishes.