Victoria’s ivory and gold cupcake tower

Victoria and Rob got married at The Grange in Northwood. We covered a whole range of flavours for Victoria and Rob as they had a fruit cake as a cutting cake alongside a cupcake tower featuring 5 different flavoured cupcakes.
victoria cupcake tower 1
For their cupcakes, Victoria and Rob chose a mix of classic flavours, like lemon with lemon buttercream, and raspberry and white chocolate with white chocolate ganache, alongside a couple of more unusual flavours – banoffee with toffee frosting and turkish delight with vanilla frosting. They finished their flavour choices with champagne cupcakes because everyone loves champagne!
victoria cupcakes 2
victoria cupcakes 4
Now, the challenge with so many flavours is to create individual cupcakes that look good and are decorated so that each flavour can be decorated but a cupcake tower that looks fabulous when you put all of those different decorations together and doesn’t look like a hot mess!
victoria cupcakes 3
The wedding had an ivory and gold theme so we stuck with those colours and kept the decorations clean and simple. I also provided and arranged the flowers on the cupcake tower and created a menu for the couple so that their guests could choose a cupcake flavour that they’d like.
victoria cupcake tower 5

A modern Christening cake

I love a non-traditional cake, and today’s cake is just that. My customer wanted a Christening cake for her 5 year old son, but she didn’t want a classic, traditional cake – she wanted something a little more quirky and unusual that her son would love but that would still be appropriate for the occasion.

We looked at a few different design option before finally landing on bubbles. To give this cake another modern twist, the cake itself was finished with a smooth, buttercream skim then decorated, rather than a classic fondant finish cake.

Louis christening

louis christening 2

Louis christening 3

Although we used this cake for a Christening, I also think it would be great asa birthday cake. It works in pretty much any colour and could be great for a teenager who no longer wants their favourite TV character on a cake.

Arsenal football cake

Mr Dandelion Bakery is a massive Spurs fan so when I was asked to make an Arsenal themed birthday cake he was less than pleased! The recipient though, who was an Arsenal supporter, was very pleased. We’ve made a few of these now and we use a hemisphere cake tin to get the perfect shape, as well as a special set of cutters to create the perfect football pattern on the cake. Finally, I finish the cake off with the logo of your chosen football team. These are made using a printer with edible inks to print onto thin icing sheets so that you get perfect images.

Who do you know who’d like a football cake? We can use the appropriate colours and logos for any football team that you can think of.

Arsenal cake

Arsenal cake 2

Arsenal cake 3

Peppa Pig, Holly and Ben cake

So many children love Peppa Pig as well as Holly and Ben so it’s never really a surprise when I am asked to combine them on a cake. This cake was made for the Lovely Ursula and Tim’s daughter and they chose chocolate cake. They’d tried my chocolate cake when they’d had a tasting for their wedding cake and, although they didn’t choose it for their wedding as they were having a naked cake and wanted lighter colours, they loved the chocolate.

This is a 6 inch cake, topped with hand made models of Peppa pig, Ben and Holly. Hand made models do take time to make so they are more expensive than some of our other options, but they can be incredibly effective and the children always love them! I also love the fact that they can make a small-sized cake look like a fabulous centrepiece.
Peppa Pig Ben and holly cake

Peppa pig ben and holly cake 2

Who do you know who’d love a birthday cake with their favourite cartoon character on top?

Painted bird cake

Every now and then, I get the chance to have a bit of a play in the kitchen, and this was one of those occasions. I occasionally take my products and display cakes to charity events and these display cakes offer the great opportunity for me to show some new techniques that my customers may not have seen or be aware of. This painted bird cake is a good example of this.

painted bird cake

Hand-painted cakes are very fashionable at the moment, and this is just one of many techniques that can be used to paint a cake. This technique involves more of a stippling effect, and is then painted over with solid colour to create a silhouette.

Painted bird cake 2

The other element of this cake that many people may not think of is the cake topper. I used a small ceramic bird ornament to top the cake, which is increasing in popularity for weddings, but often not thought of as an option for birthday and other celebration cakes.

SO what would you use? What small ornament or decoration would look great on a cake? What would you like turning into a hand painted decoration? It really is just a case of seeing where your imagination takes you.