It’s easy to DIY your wedding cake

I have a wonderful product called the DIY wedding cake. And it is DIY, except that really that stands for decorate-it-yourself because I do all the hard work and you just get the fun of decorating it. Each month, I’ll be sharing a detailed blog post on how to create that months blog, but to get you thinking, this is a behind the scenes film from our photoshoot to get you thinking! This is 12 very different looks, but you can see how easy they are to create.

DIY wedding cake: Gold, green and you

Our Decorate-it-yourself wedding cake is perfect for those couples who want a truly unique cake but are on a bit of a budget. You get amazing quality cake in your choice of flavours and you can decorate it exactly as you choose, but because decorating time is a large part of the cost of most wedding cakes, you can save a lot of money! You can find out more about how it works in our FAQs.

This month I wanted to show you how to really personalise your cake. I chose a green and gold colour scheme, which really looks fab on a sunny day. I chose the initials of me and Mr Dandelion Bakery, and I added our favourite animals.

Green and gold animal wedding cake

So, how can you create this cake yourself?

I used:
Plastic zoo animals from Tesco for £3
MDF letters from Hobby craft for £1 each
Metallic gold spray paint
Fresh Rosemary
Satin ribbon
Floral wire (24 gauge)

You will also need scissors and either pins or royal icing. If you don’t have royal icing, you can use a pack of pre-mixed writing icing that most supermarkets sell.

Green and gold animal wedding cake

I sprayed the animals and the MDF letters with the gold paint. This takes a couple of coats so allow plenty of time for this as they’ll need to dry between coats – you don’t want to be doing this the night before the wedding!

Green and gold animal wedding cake

I then cut the floral wire into quarters and used them to wire the rosemary together. To make this easier for yourself, make sure you overlap the rosemary by half the length of the stem – this means that you get a nicer curve as well as a fuller look. It took me an hour to put the 4 crowns together but you can do this the night before if you need to. Obviously if you rope the bridesmaids or mums in, you can get this done a lot quicker! You could use different foliage if you prefer, but I love the smell that the rosemary gives off.

Green and gold animal wedding cake

To assemble the cake, stack the tiers on top of each other, making sure that the cakes are central. We provide boards so that you can slide the tiers on top of each other more easily and food-safe gloves to minimise any marks that you may leave on the cake. The cake is fresh, so it’s delicate and you may leave marks, dints or snags on the icing as you assemble it, but don’t panic – just use the sides of the base cake drum to rotate the whole cake until you find the best side. Then add the ribbon. You can pin the ribbon into the cake drum and the cake itself. Pick a line down the back of the cake and put your pins along this line so that they won’t be visible in any photos. If you prefer, you can use royal icing to do this – just put a generous blob of icing on the cake, attach the ribbon and hold in place for a second or two, then take the ribbon round the cake. Overlap the ribbon a little and add more royal icing between the two levers of ribbon. You’ll end up with cake, icing, ribbon, icing, ribbon for the most secure hold.

Green and gold animal wedding cake

Place your rosemary crowns around each tier of the cake, starting with the largest. Then add your animals and letters to the cake. If you have royal icing, you can always add small, discrete blobs to hold the animals and letters in place.

And you’re done! So, if you do all of the work yourself, it takes 10 mins (plus drying time) for the animals and letters, 60 mins for the rosemary crowns and 15 mins to set the cake up yourself. Easy!

Green and gold animal wedding cake

So what else do you need to know about the DIY wedding cake? At The Dandelion Bakery, we use the finest quality ingredients and we do not mass produce, so your wedding cake will be made just for you, with the same care and attention that we give to all of our cakes. We bake as near to your wedding day as possible to ensure freshness and quality. We provide the largest cake on a fully iced cake drum edged with white satin ribbon and the smaller cakes on cake boards that become invisible when the cake is stacked. We also cut and insert the support dowels for you, so the cake is ready to go. So, how come this is cheaper than our bespoke cakes? You collect the cake the day before your wedding, which saves the cost of delivery and set up to your venue. The majority of any cake cost is decorating time, so by doing this yourself you save a lot of money, and finally, the time it takes to design a cake is usually included in the price, but that’s not needed for this cake so you don’t have to pay it. Hurrah!

You can order your own Decorate-it-yourself wedding cake from The Dandelion Bakery to make your wedding day exactly how you want it.

A simple book cake

A few weeks ago I shared a book cake with you. Today it’s another book cake, but a simpler version.

This cake is our signature cake made with three layers of chocolate sponge and finished with smooth vanilla buttercream. The cake was then topped with a hand modelled sugar paste book.



The joy of having a cake designed and made just for you is that I can work to your ideas, but also your budget. A hand painted, fully modelled cake in the shape of a book will, inevitably, cost more than a cake with a model of a book on it, but regardless of your budget, I can usually find something that will work for you and your loved one.

Hand painted train cake for grown ups

My Father-in-law, Brian, recently celebrated his 70th birthday and I made his cake for him. He loves trains, he paints watercolours and, with his wife, they’ve spent a lot of time in the French country side so I rolled these ideas into one hand-painted cake.
This was a gluten free chocolate cake with a white chocolate ganache filling and frosting. The cake was then chilled so that the outside coating was firm enough to paint. I then used a watercolour and stippling effect to create a landscape reminiscent of the French countryside.

The cake was then finished with a sugar paste train that ran right around the cake and was hand painted with a custom designed “Brian Rail” logo and details.
May favourite thing about making family birthday cakes is that I actually get to see the cake eaten, which is so unusual for me! Usually I only get to drop the cake off and leave.

Who do you know that would ove a cake that reflects their hobbies in a unique and interesting way?

Personalised book cake

This lovely customer has a husband who is something of a book hoarder, which made his birthday cake an easy choice!

The cake was designed to look like a book that had been well loved and is slightly aged round the edges. The book title was chosen by my customer and the Author was the birthday boy.
All the gold work was hand painted onto the cake, and the cake sat on a cake board finished with a wood effect.
So who do you know who loves books and would love their very own book cake for their birthday?